Mayor Adams launches newsletter to counter ‘distorted’ NYC press coverage

Mayor Adams is taking media coverage into his own hands.

Adams, who has been growing increasingly irritable of late over the way he is being covered by the city’s press office, launched a newsletter on Monday that he claimed would counter “distorted” journalism about his administration.

In a critique of the reporters who cover it every day, Adams said he decided to roll out a new Hear From Eric initiative because “all the great things we do are being distorted or not covered at all.”

“You can report a twisted version of what I’m saying,” Adams said when asked by the Daily News why he was launching the media service. “I want to speak directly to the people of this city.”

Adams, speaking at an unrelated press conference in the Bronx, did not say how much the newsletter would cost taxpayers, nor was it immediately clear how often it would be published. Representatives of the mayor’s office did not immediately respond to additional questions by e-mail.

Mayor Eric Adams speaks to the press during a press conference in Manhattan on January 5, 2023.

In a press release earlier in the day, Adams’ office said New Yorkers could register through the City Hall’s web portal to receive the newsletter in their mailboxes.

“Thank you for signing up to hear from me about the work we do for New Yorkers. You’ll receive the latest news and updates on city initiatives – all tailored to your personal interests,” reads an automated email from the mayor that readers receive upon registration.

Asked during an event in the Bronx if there was anything in particular he disagreed with in terms of his administration’s news coverage, Adams said with a laugh, “Pick a topic.”

He was nostalgic for the days when, he claimed, there were “columnists and reporters”.

“Columnists gave their opinions, reporters just reported the news. Now I don’t know who is a columnist and who is a reporter,” he said. “When I speak at a press conference and then read an article, I ask: “Were we at the same press conference?”

He also said he would be “surprised” if local media covered the main theme of his Monday event, a $75 million low-interest loan fund for small businesses funded in part by Goldman Sachs.

Eric Adams (right) speaks to reporters during the 2021 presidential campaign.

In light of Monday’s message, Adams’ critics drew a parallel between the mayor and former President Donald Trump, notorious for calling the media “the enemy of the people” and accusing reporters of spreading “fake news.”

“Like Trump, wow,” left-wing activist Shulim Leifer. tweeted from Adams’ tirade.

The mayor did not name any specific outlets in his scathing press statement.

But since taking office more than a year ago, he has complained regularly about reports from The News and other outlets covering his city hall activities. In recent weeks, his complaints to the press have intensified.

Speaking January 9 on AM970 radio, Adams said the “most frustrating aspect” of being mayor is that “a lot of the people who should be rooting for the city are doing the exact opposite,” including journalists who “don’t want to just properly report the truth.” “.

And in a speech to community leaders in Manhattan on December 14 – shortly after returning from a trip to Qatar – he accused the New York press office of being focused on “the worst part of our day” and said he did not see such media. . coverage when he is abroad.

“We have to tell our news outlets: enough, enough, enough,” he said.

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