Man killed in confrontation over broken mirror with ATV and dirt bike riders in Harlem

A 45-year-old man attacked by a gang of rampaging ATV and dirt bike riders in Harlem and then carjacked has died after clinging to life for two weeks, police said Wednesday.

Arthur Cooke was driving his gray Mercedes-Benz C 300 down E. 125th St. when he found himself surrounded near Madison Ave. by about 30 riders on ATVs and dirt bikes about 10 p.m. Nov. 4 , cops said.

One of the riders struck the Mercedes passenger-side mirror and Cooke pulled over to check out the damage.

When he began arguing with the ATV and dirt bike riders, several members of the group surrounded and pummeled the victim, police said. At least one of the crew pulled a gun on Cooke as he was being beaten.

The unruly group jumped back on their rides and sped off, leaving Cooke lying in the street with severe injuries to his neck and spine.

At the same time a man not believed to be linked to the renegade road warriors jumped into Cooke’s luxury car and drove off, cops said.

Medics rushed Cooke to Harlem Hospital, where he died Friday, cops said.

Cooke was just four blocks from home when he was attacked, according to police. He was a court special advocate for Exodus Transitional Community, according to LinkedIn.

He was on a date with his “significant other” when he was fatally beaten, co-worker Noel Diaz wrote on a GoFundMe page created shortly after the attack to raise money for the victim’s medical expenses.

“Arthur is a great man who is an active member of his community who lives and breathes our mantra, ‘Changing lives and Restoring hope,’” Diaz wrote before Cooke died. “He is a man that is full of laughs and full of hope.”

Cooke’s death has been deemed a homicide. No arrests have been made.

Cooke was released on parole in June 2021 after serving four years for a Queens assault, records show. He did an earlier four-year sting starting in 2009 after being convicted of assault, robbery and arson in Queens.

The NYPD has been fighting an ongoing war against people riding illegal ATV and dirt bikes, which can’t be registered, have no vehicle identification numbers and are often operated by reckless drivers who hop sidewalks and pop wheelies.

Over the course of the year, cops have seized about 3,000 ATVs and dirt bikes. The illegal rides are so popular, especially in the warmer months, that cops managed to seize 240 of them in one day over the summer.

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