Majority of the school districts that closed last week due to staffing shortage and high numbers of Covid-19 cases reopen Tuesday

North Texas – Majority of the school districts in the North Texas area that closed schools and switched to virtual learning last week are reopening schools on Tuesday, multiple reports confirmed.

As we already reported multiple times last week, more than thirty school districts in North Texas closed schools due to the high number of Covid-19 cases in teachers and used the long holiday weekend for extra recovery period.

While majority of the school districts confirmed they are reopening on Tuesday, there are some that will remain closed at least for a few days.

Mansfield, Mesquite and Northwest ISD are among those who remained closed on Tuesday, but plan to reopen on Wednesday and Thursday.

Dallas ISD avoided a shutdown but did have many staff members out sick. The first week back from break it reported 230 teachers out. But by the second week back, it only needed substitutes for 130 teachers.

“We never lifted our mask mandate which was very helpful. We put in numerous safety measures. We updated both our staff and student safety handbook regarding COVID-19. We provided numerous amounts of PPE at the campuses. We do have a COVID-19 hotline and website page. We also updated our page for the health services department for students and parents and our benefits department for staff,” said Diedrae Bell-Hunter, Dallas ISD’s executive director of human capital management.

Dallas ISD students, teachers and administrative workers are mandated to wear face masks at least until the spring break. The district will continue with all the pandemic measures for now. The testing sites at the campuses will remain open and everyone can get tested free of charge.

Meanwhile, Frisco ISD and Garland ISD announced they are opening new testing sites in an effort to accommodate more people.

Frisco ISD’s testing site will be open at Bacchus Park on Main Street, will run for seven days a week and only Frisco ISD students and staff will be eligible for testing showing school ID card.

Garland ISD is opening new testing site at Homer B. Johnson Stadium on Centerville Road starting Thursday. It will run for six days a week, Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Appointment will be needed.

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