Maia Millete used ‘secret’ Instagram account to further case: investigators

Day eight of the Larry Millet preliminary hearing began Monday morning with testimony from Chula Vista Police Detective Jesse Vicente, who said he discovered a “secret” Instagram account that Maya Millet used to communicate with an extramarital lover.

A hearing is held to determine if Larry will stand trial for Maya’s alleged murder. She has been missing since January 2021. Prosecutors say Larry killed her after she brought forward divorce plans.

Vicente was in court on Friday, but time to continue cross-examination of the defense was up. Defense attorney Bonita Martinez kept him at his testimony for about two hours, asking him questions to try to find problems with the way detectives were investigating Maya’s disappearance. This included whether they correctly followed the advice of people who claimed to have seen Maya alive. Vincente testified about how far investigators went to prove these theories, but said no evidence was found to prove she was alive after January 7, 2021.

The defense asked Vincente about two online ransom attempts for Maia, both of which failed to hold water. One of them was a fake social media account that was used to collect money from the families of the missing.

It also emerged in court that police had collected video from a neighbor’s security camera that contained what sounded like gunshots from Millet’s house on the evening of January 7th.

“There was a recording of loud explosions from a neighbor that we collected, forwarded and analyzed to the FBI,” Vicente said. These sounds were analyzed but were not definitely identified as gunshots.”

This cross-examination also featured more than two dozen sustained objections from both Deputy District Attorney Christy Bowles and Judge Dwayne Moring. At some point, tensions arose in the courtroom when Judge Moring had to repeatedly ask Martinez to answer this or that objection. The judge later also chided Martinez for not being familiar enough with the investigation file to point witnesses where the information was, telling her, “You’ve had a year to prepare for this hearing.”

Alexis Rivas of NBC 7 talks about the seventh day of testimony.

Judge Moring also asked her to limit her questions to those that were relevant to the case and related only to what the particular witness personally knew.

“I’m not going to waste another hour asking you questions from this witness on every issue in the world,” Moring said.

Vicente’s testimony also focused on Larry’s alibi on January 8, 2021. Investigators say he told them he went to Solana Beach with his young son. However, he is said to have admitted that this is what he calls Torrey Pines Beach. Vincente said they did not find any evidence or witnesses that could confirm that he was on any of the beaches. Vicente said that Larry also made various statements about what kind of food he packed for his son.

Testimony continues at a hearing in the case of Larry Millet, accused of the disappearance of his wife Maya.

Perhaps the biggest opening of the day, or even of the entire preliminary hearing, came after lunchtime, when Matthew Grindley, an investigator with the San Diego County District Attorney’s office, took the floor. He described his job demanding multiple search warrants in order to access digital information for both Larry and Maya. This included text messages, emails, and social media accounts.

Grindley revealed that Maya had a second secret Instagram account that she used almost exclusively to talk to the man she was having an affair with. This person has been identified as Jamie. Grindley testified that the couple exchanged sexual, romantic and caring messages between September 2020 and January 2021. It turned out that Larry found out about this affair and made contact with his wife, Jamie. Grindley said reports show that Jamie and Maya had a falling out over how it ended, but eventually made up. He said the reports show the couple’s relationship has changed to a more platonic one, with each expressing a desire to move on with their lives separately. For Maya, it was a divorce. Grindley says Jamie was preparing for the baby, but did not specify if his wife is carrying the baby.

Alexis Rivas of NBC 7 explains why the hearing is taking longer than usual, and shares details of Thursday’s action.

He said that none of the messages indicated that Jamie and Maya wanted to run away together. Many of the messages Grindley shared show Jamie repeatedly asking Maya to be careful, out of concern for her safety. Grindley did not testify about Jamie’s whereabouts around the time Maya disappeared, which may have surfaced during cross-examination Tuesday.

Grindley spoke about other types of digital information his investigation uncovered, including Larry’s email and search history. Some of the terms he searched for included: “What are the symptoms of a nervous breakdown”, “wife’s subconscious learning”, “my wife doesn’t want me to touch her”, “common over the counter adult incapacitating drugs” and “rohypnol” . Grindley said that Rohypnol is commonly referred to as a ruthy or date rape drug.

Grindley also said that Larry’s cell phone did not receive any calls, text messages or any data during the period of time he said he was at the beach with his son. In addition, on the evening of January 7, Maya’s phone stopped receiving calls, text messages, and data. Her phone was never found.

Bowles was unable to complete direct questioning of Grindley before the end of the trial at 4:30 pm. Grindley will return to testify Tuesday morning at 9:00. Bowles said she needed to call two more witnesses, both of whom are in law. law enforcement. After that, Judge Moring will decide if there are enough good reasons to initiate a murder case.

A witness testified that murder suspect Larry Millet resorted to witchcraft, according to NBC 7’s Alexis Rivas.

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