Lois Eisenberg | Internet commentators have been waiting for this

This letter refers to a recent “pause for comment” (in the opinion section on signalcv.com).

We, the writers of the letters, went too far on the comment forum.

All claims by (Signal editor) Tim White against our comments are valid and justified.

We have been warned, deleted, banned several times for some inappropriate comments.

Personally, I am saddened by this turn of events and hope that in the future our comments will be acceptable for publication.

We all have different views and opinions on many issues, and this is how it should be.

But truth, facts and honesty must be conveyed by us in the form of posters.

It cannot be said that “the truth is not true”, and when the news is true, it cannot be said that it is “fake news” or that there are “alternative facts”. All of these statements are misleading and harmful.

I’m not saying that the media sometimes doesn’t change the truth, but when there’s one media outlet outright lying for the sake of ratings and the “almighty dollar” it’s wrong or unacceptable.

We hope that we will all listen and follow the guidelines of the agreement set out by the SCV signal.

Happy posting and commenting.

Lois Isenberg

Santa Clarita

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