Living on Her Terms: Manisha Singh’s Story of Pain, Perseverance, and Empowerment

Mindful Agency head writer Manisha Singh has overcome cultural expectations, prejudice and personal differences to forge a path in the visual arts. A talented journalist, writer, poet, TV and radio host, pageant queen and mental health advocate, Singh’s wish to empower his community through a cross lens is finally coming true.

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“Kiran means a ray of sunshine,” she beams, her smile almost as bright as her fiery pink hair pulled back into a pompadour on top of her head. Manisha Singh talks about the middle name passed down to her by her ex-mother. Despite this nod to her upbringing, she emerged from the shadows of her family’s expectations of leading a conservative, traditional life. Singh with piercings, tattoos and an ardent supporter of 4/20; but more importantly, she discovered her own individual worth that others failed to see in her, and at the same time discovered a love for herself that eludes the best of us. “Growing up, I didn’t get the love I needed,” she says with surprising certainty. “So I had to turn to myself to be this person is for me.

What shocked to me was when Singh shared how she learned to love herself “too much to let anyone hurt her”. This is what I personally strive for every day – a constant uphill journey that requires daily affirmations, journaling and meditation. However, Singh’s self-taught path to enlightenment and self-realization has long been evident. “One thing that has changed the way I feel about myself is the introduction of affirmations. According to her, it was “an unexpected discovery.” “…and it helped me to turn into the person talking to you today.”

It’s safe to say that the manifestation was a big part of Singh’s life; “I big into manifestation. One of my goals was to do an interview in 2023, and it’s only been two months.” Singh’s ability to believe in himself has manifested itself in constant work in the Mindful Agency, a modeling career, as well as work with Canadian media giants. 6ix Buzz And daily hive. “I am grateful for this experience, but I painted a picture of this ideal environment and found it with the help of Mindful Agency,” she says. “Being surrounded by inspiring giants has been monumental to my growth. We have so much freedom to be who we are and at the same time we are accepted and celebrated for it.”

So what started Singh in her creative healing journey? “It’s crazy how it all started; my parents divorced and I was bullied at school. I really needed a breather.” Singh is extremely brave as she shares experiences that most people prefer to hide. I feel like we are kindred spirits as the hardships seem to be shared, which we have been striving to overcome. “I started writing poetry and immediately felt better,” Singh says. “My soul really needed to write, and one day I took off the load.”

Initially determined to share stories relating to the South Asian diaspora, Singh struggled to use her voice to empower those who were disillusioned with conservative traditional South Asian values ​​due to external factors that interfered with her own academic and family life. Serving as a Mental Health Ambassador for the South Asian Mental Health Alliance Association (SAMHAA), Singh created content that brought like-minded people together and shared his own struggles with alienation while moving out of South Asian social norms.

Ultimately, it was Singh’s alienation that pushed her away from continuing her path to healing at a time in her life when her mental health was at its lowest. “It was a big blow because I really wanted to be someone that other Fijian young people could look up to and understand their background a little better. I wanted to uplift and inspire,” Singh continues; “It was really a tough period for me; I entered the Miss Fiji Canada pageant and won, so I’m technically Miss Fiji Canada 2017, but my family life was falling apart. I stopped talking to my mother and already moved away from my father – I was very lonely. Moves in with her boyfriend, a multidisciplinary Punjabi hip-hop star. True North, she began a path to redemption and devoted herself to the media and the arts. “I was a host on the multicultural channel Shaw. Asian Pulse TVand DreamZz Radio‘, she shares. “Honestly, it was very scary to expose yourself. But there’s a lot of value in taking a risk.”

Photo Credit: Adiba Khan – @ms.deeviousbeauty

Step by step, Manisha Singh regained her strength, and with every obstacle she came closer to becoming the voice of the disillusioned. “Now I can help more people thanks to my writing, and this would not have been possible without the aforementioned obstacles. I really discovered who I was in the process.”

Singh continues; “I used to feel like I couldn’t express myself or use my voice the way I really wanted to. So now I’m making up for it – I’m empowering people. I’m in charge here and I want the world to know that Maneesha it’s all about.”

Manisha Singh regains power after years of helplessness; she Exclusively Manisha,how is she Instagram assumes—and her level of confidence in her path to healing is nearly there. “You know, I’m about to explode,” she says. “Especially as a writer, it’s extremely important for me to exude confidence because the opportunities are going to be insane, so I have to be prepared.”

Her foray into authorship comes in the form of a children’s book called “If Trees Could Swing” a book dedicated to igniting the passion for nature in the minds of young children. The book is due out on Earth Day, April 22, and Singh can’t stress enough the importance of nature as a healing mechanism. “There is so much power in being one with nature, not to mention the power you get from her stillness.” For Singh, having her own job is a dream come true. She cries as she realizes that April is only two short months away.

Manisha Singh is back at the wheel and the road is filled with excitement, opportunity and celebrity status; I feel it, Manisha has already shown it – it’s just a matter of time. Better buckle up, it’s going to be wild.

Manisha Singh is one of three uniquely talented head writers at Mindful Agency; she has interviewed some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, many of them South Asians, such as Amna Mirza, Anjali Bhimani and Dr. Nita Bhushan. Singh is also a frequent contributor to Forbes, and Entrepreneur, Inc. and USA Today. Check out her social media journey; Instagram and TikTok.

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