Lincoln Police Say A 15-year-old Girl And Her Boyfriend Stabbed Her Father

Authorities in Lincoln, Nebraska say a 15-year-old girl and her 16-year-old boyfriend are responsible for the stabbing death of the girl’s father, who was in his 70s. The daughter contacted 911 on Monday afternoon.

Near South 40th Street and Nebraska 2, Sallie Gilmer called 911 just after 4 p.m. on Monday to report that she had returned home from school to find her father, Jesse Gilmer Jr., unconscious and with stab wounds. Teresa Ewins, chief of police in Lincoln, said.

Lincoln Police Say A 15-year-old Girl And Her Boyfriend Stabbed Her Father
Lincoln Police Say A 15-year-old Girl And Her Boyfriend Stabbed Her Father

Sallie Gilmer was taken into custody after the body of Jesse Gilmer Jr. was discovered at the Lodge Apartments on Tuesday, where he had been murdered with a bladed weapon, Ewins stated at a press conference.

Isaac Honigschmidt, the girl’s boyfriend, was apprehended by police, Ewins added.

The law enforcement has taken Sallie Gilmer into custody on accusations of first-degree murder. Honigschmidt was taken into custody on suspicion of complicity in first-degree murder.
“Obviously, this is troubling for many people in the community, because of the nature of it,” Ewins said, adding that detectives still don’t know what they assume the suspect’s purpose was.

The police chief emphasized that they were still working to determine the answer. “Obviously, it’s hard to comprehend a daughter murdering her father. Thus, we are making an effort to put the pieces together. As of right now, we don’t have a good explanation.”

Attorney for Lancaster County Pat Condon said the two juveniles will be prosecuted as adults, but he did not expect official charges to be filed until Wednesday.

It’s unclear from what Ewins has claimed whether or not Sallie Gilmer permanently resided in the flat with her father. Court documents from as recently as 2022 show that Jesse Gilmer Jr. and his wife used the flat as their postal address. On Tuesday, nobody was able to reach the victim’s wife despite repeated attempts.

Ewins added that a murder weapon was found in the flat and that crime scene technicians were still looking for other weapons to rule them out or find them.

A representative for Lincoln Public Schools confirmed that Sallie Gilmer and Honigschmidt are both students at Lincoln Southeast High School.

The school’s crisis team was there on Tuesday “to give additional assistance to any staff and kids who needed it,” Principal Tanner Penrod said in an email to students and parents. The crisis team, according to Penrod, will be accessible once again on Wednesday.

The murder of Jesse Gilmer Jr. is the tenth homicide in Lincoln in 2021 and the twelfth in Lancaster County.

Ten killings have occurred in Lincoln since May 19, after there were none during the first 138 days of the year, prompting further worries about a spike in violence at a press conference on Tuesday.

Lincoln’s violent crime records have been practically stable since 1989, despite the city’s growth of around 100,000 citizens, as reported by the police chief.

Ewins used the shocking and unexpected nature of Jesse Gilmer Jr.’s murder, which she claims was committed by her teenage daughter, to defend the city and its police force.

There’s a limit to what we can do,” she said. “For the simple reason that we can never know why someone would plan for anything like the situation we’re discussing today.

“However, the daughter killed her father. What can be done to prevent that? In most cases, no.”

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