John Oliver mocks Trump for ‘distracting’ by ‘hating’ his kids in the middle of a speech

Twice-impeached former President Donald Trump could be arrested on Tuesday, but he is still active in the 2024 campaign, releasing videos touting his accomplishments. Of course, John Oliver could not help but notice that Trump was a little “distracted” in one of his new videos, apparently to hate his own children.

During the Sunday episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver called recent video Trump specifically talked about what he did for farmers. In it, he boasted about how easy it was for him to leave farms to family members tax-free—that is, as long as you really love your family enough to leave them something. But in fact, he then turned out to be on a tangent about dislike for his own children.

“I got rid of the death tax on farms so that when you die, as long as you love your children, you can leave it to them and they won’t have to pay the tax,” Trump said. “But if you don’t love your kids that much – there are people who don’t, and maybe deservedly – ​​it doesn’t matter. Because honestly, you don’t have to leave them anything.”

At the same time, Oliver was both surprised and impressed.

“He still has it. He still got it. And by that I mean what is so deeply wrong with his brain,” Oliver chuckled. “Do you know how much you have to hate your children to be distracted by this thought in the middle of a political speech? “We should have withdrawn troops from the region earlier. Speaking of regretting not withdrawing sooner, Don Jr.”

The host of “Last Week Tonight” joked that the video is a pretty clear indication that Trump “seems to be doing fine” with the possibility of his arrest.

However, it is not certain that the former president, who has been impeached twice, will actually be arrested on Tuesday. He stated that this would happen on Saturday morning and subsequently called for “protests”, echoing the sentiments of January 6, but this is not supported by any official statements from law enforcement officials, and the New York Times reports that the Trump team does not have specific information about this. when charges may be brought.

One person close to Trump told the Times that Trump’s advisers’ “best guess” was that an indictment could be filed on Tuesday, and that the information could have been passed on to Trump, prompting rants on social media.

But for now, it looks like the indictment is indeed on the way. Last week, Trump was invited to testify before a grand jury in Manhattan about the 2016 silence money paid to Stormy Daniels, allegedly to cover up an affair he had with her. Trump, as usual, refused to appear in court.

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