Jim Cramer tweet about Russia using nuclear weapons was fake

Social media users are sharing an image of a fabricated tweet attributed to television host Jim Cramer about whether Russia is likely to use nuclear weapons.

The image of the purported tweet includes a photograph of Cramer and the text: “It is incredibly unlikely that Russia will use nuclear weapons.”

Some versions of the fabricated tweet image include the Twitter handle “@poordart” alongside the photo of Cramer. The image was tweeted by that account on Sunday and then retweeted by the account with the comment “This was fun.”

In other versions of the post, details of the purported tweet appear to be identical to Cramer’s real Twitter account.

Many users responded to the fabricated tweet as satire, while others appeared to take it as authentic.

However, no such tweet exists on Cramer’s verified and official Twitter account page or in archived versions.

A Google search for the tweet also yields no credible results.

Jennifer Dauble, a representative for NBC Universal, parent company of CNBC, where Cramer is an anchor, told Reuters via email: “This is not a real tweet from Jim Cramer.”


FALSE. There is no evidence that television host Jim Cramer posted a tweet about the likelihood of Russia using nuclear weapons and remarks accompanying the original fabricated tweet image suggest the post was intended as satire.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. 

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