If $100,000 seems like $36,000 in San Francisco, how much do you need to be rich?

A new study of 76 major U.S. cities has found that the $100,000 a year salary, long considered the benchmark for success, isn’t all that great after taxes and the skyrocketing cost of living.

The study found that in San Francisco, a $100,000 salary equates to $36,445 after federal, state, and local taxes, combined with the cost of living in the city, including housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, and other goods and services. . The study used data from the Public and Economic Research Council for the third quarter of 2022, as well as its own payroll tool SmartAsset.

San Francisco is the third most expensive in the top 10, behind only No. 2 Honolulu and No. 1 New York City, where payroll was calculated at $35,791 for a base six-figure salary.

Oakland appears to be the eighth most expensive city, with a $46,198 home-based salary, according to SmartAsset figures. Other notorious California cities ahead of Oakland for the most expensive prices include San Diego, Long Beach and Los Angeles, along with Washington D.C. Boston ranked ninth and Seattle ranked 10th.

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Memphis, Tennessee ranked first on SmartAsset’s list with $86,444 in hand. It should be noted that salaries in New York and San Francisco are often much higher than in Memphis, according to US Census data. And in Honolulu, Hawaii, the median salary is about $60,000, according to March data from ZipRecruiter.

“I think it’s intuitive: $100,000, six figures—it feels like a big milestone, but it also feels different depending on where you live,” Suzanne Snyder, financial planner at SmartAsset, told Bloomberg. .

However, how much do you need to earn to really feel like you’ve made it in San Francisco? Or even feel rich? The Standard asked people around the city exactly this, their answers in the video below:

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