Huge damage, cancelled classes in Frisco Memorial High School after a senior prank got out of hand, report

Frisco, TX – Frisco Memorial High School students got their classes cancelled on Thursday and Friday following an incident that stemmed from a senior prank that didn’t go as planned.

According to multiple sources, the prank, that didn’t go as planned, ended up with thousands of dollars in damage and a total chaos eventually leading to cancelled classes.

Frisco ISD said the original plan involved a small group of students and lots of Post-it notes.

“A small group of students from Memorial High School was approved to use Post-it notes on the walls to decorate and place messages around the campus as part of their senior prank last night. Staff members were on-site to monitor students, but the situation devolved rapidly, and the Frisco Police and Fire Departments became involved. Students vandalized the campus to a point that classes are not able to be held at MHS for the remainder of the week,” school administrators said in a letter to parents.

A video of the incident clearly shows the moment of the prank and the following moments. From what was seen in the video, paint on the walls and clouds of smoke from fire extinguishers that were set off throughout the campus made the whole situation much worse than anyone could have expected. Things got so bad that local fire crews and police were called to assist.

Several parents said they are aware of the prank, something that has been an annual tradition and is usually monitored by the staff. The prank, that was expected to be harmless just like any other year, got out of hand this year.

Thursday and Friday were supposed to be the last two days of the school year for the seniors, but classes were cancelled due to the incident and the end of the 2022’s senior year was nothing but embarrassing.

Fortunately, none of the students or the school staff were injured in the incident, but Frisco ISD confirmed there is ongoing investigation to identify those involved and said they might face criminal charges.

Once more details about the incident are provided, we will update the story.

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