How to access the Super Bowl at FOX West Texas

How to access the Super Bowl at FOX West Texas

The Big Game will take place on February 12. Here’s what you need to know.

SAN ANGELO, Texas. On Sunday, February 12, the Kansas City Chiefs will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVIII in Glendale, Arizona.

In order to watch the “big game”, it can be helpful to understand how to access FOX West Texas from a technological standpoint, especially in areas where there may be more TV network connectivity issues.

To access the Super Bowl for the majority of viewers, there are six steps to follow.

Press “Select/Menu” when using the remote control first, then search for a channel/broadcast and press “Air/Air/AOT” to start scanning.

Then press Auto Scan/Auto Program. When asked to scan channels, click yes and wait.

In a few minutes, 6.1 FOX West Texas should boot up and viewers will have access to the game.

Also, those with a TV with an antenna should face the receiver depending on the location.

Those watching KIDY should point their antennas northwest towards Grape Creek and those watching KXVA should point their antennas southwest of Abilene towards Yula.

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