How can your business return money to charity?

It’s time to support the community that supports you! Find out how your business can return money to charity and make an informed contribution today.

Your business depends on the support of the community to stay afloat. Show appreciation by donating to nonprofits and local charities. Read about How can your business return money to charity?. Then choose your preferred methods.

Keep donations

Run fundraisers at your workplace and encourage people to donate goods. Collaborate with food banks, homeless shelters, and schools to reach your goals. Some essentials that can be donated to a charity in your community include blankets and oral hygiene products.

Non-profits serve community members but don’t have large budgets to cover the cost of supplies. Talk to the leaders of the organizations and ask them about their needs. Then work with your staff (and other members of the community) to provide the right stuff!

Sponsor of local events

Sponsor a local event such as a youth sports game, nonprofit fundraiser, or school trip. This is a great opportunity to connect with your community by serving members.

Local events are a good place to advertise your business. Hand out business cards, set up kiosks, and hand out branded gear. You not only support charities, but also increase brand awareness. Become a memorable and positive business in the area.

Get a job for free

Your business can return to charity taking on pro bono work. Use your services and allocate time and resources to complete projects for free. For example, a boutique marketing agency might create a website for a local charity or create flyers for upcoming events.

Other examples are legal and medical services. Perhaps you own a law firm and offer free legal advice to those in need. Maybe you run a medical practice and schedule free medical checkups. Ultimately, use your experience to help the community.

Donate your time

Schedule volunteer activities for you and your staff. If your budget allows, take a day off and support a local charity.

While monetary donations are helpful, nonprofits value volunteers. They rely on humans for tasks such as serving food, organizing school supplies, and facilitating activities. Engage with your employees by supporting charities.

Create a charity budget

Is there room in your budget for charitable donations? If so, create a charity budget. Allocate a portion of quarterly funds to foundations. Select youth organizations, nonprofits, and local charities to support their cause. You can also thank foundations close to your employees’ hearts!

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