Homes Destroyed as Tornado-Warned Storm Rips Through Wise County Tuesday Morning

Two homes received heavy storm damage early Tuesday on FM 730 south of Decatur in Wise County.

Six people were inside one of the houses when the roof blew off.

“As soon as I opened the door I saw a tornado passing by next to me,” said Michael Lopez, a resident of another home who shot cellphone video of the passing storm. It left his home mostly untouched.

The video he recorded shows what looks like a tornado swirling amid the flashes of lightning.

“I saw the tornado heading away from me. I saw all the power lines exploding and everything,” Lopez said.

Once it passed, he went to check on neighbors, including the Gonzalez family.

Photos of Storms That Produced Tornadoes on Dec. 13, 2022

“I had gotten an alert on my phone that there was a tornado warning, but I didn’t know it was like here at our location,” Isela Gonzalez said.

She was in the bathroom about to take a shower and take her kids to school when she said the roof disappeared and the home splintered around them.

“And then I heard all the glass shatter, and I just grabbed a hold of whatever I could in the restroom to hold on to it,” she said.

Her three children, her mother and a sister were all inside the house and they all survived.

But the home is wrecked. The content and parts of the roof are scattered all around.

Neighbors and relatives quickly stepped in to help the family.

“Everybody’s been so nice, brought us food, clothes,” she said.

A bigger house nearby also received heavy damage. Michael Lopez said that family wants privacy, but they also survived the strong storm.

“No one was hurt. No one was injured. Everything was OK,” Lopez said.

Isela Gonzalez said her family also feels fortunate after witnessing all the destruction.

“We’re so lucky to be alive because this could have been a lot worse,” she said.

No serious injuries were reported in Wise County.

And the Gonzalez family also recently arranged home insurance. They have coverage and expect to have a hotel roof over their heads Tuesday night.

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