Homeless advocates say new approach could save SF $1 billion

The group submitted detailed comments Monday to a city report saying it would cost $1.45 billion and take three years to get all homeless people off the streets of San Francisco.

Rescue SF, self-described as “a citywide coalition of residents advocating compassionate and effective solutions to homelessness in San Francisco,” suggested that leasing existing space instead of acquiring or building would cut the city’s projected spending by a billion dollars and still be profitable. . the same results.

This issue has its origins in Ordinance SF 92-22, which stated that “It shall be City policy to provide every homeless person in San Francisco with a safe place to sleep.”

To achieve this goal, the ordinance directed the city’s Department of Homeless Affairs and Assisted Housing to prepare a detailed plan to provide shelter to every homeless person in the city over a three-year period. The plan required HSH to detail how much it would cost.

On December 30, HSH released its “Place for All” report, which concluded that it would be worth $1.45 billion for the first three years and $410 million a year after that.

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