Governor Newsom, Democrats Target Lawful Gun Owners, Not Criminals in New Bill

“Had Senate Bill 2, or its predecessor Senate Bill 918, been in place, it would not have stopped the tragic incidents it claims, but would have hurt more Californians.”

This is what Rick Travis of the California Riflemen and Pistols Association told the Globe about the press conference of Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta and Senator Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) at a press conference Wednesday morning announcing the bill aimed at adding restrictions to covert carry permit requirements and gun ownership.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announces a new gun law. (Photo:

This is yet another attempt by the Governor of California to infringe on the constitutional rights of legal gun owners while releasing criminals early from prison and ignoring criminals with illegal weapons.

Notably, the 6,000 criminals in the California Department of Justice’s Armed and Prohibited Persons System (APPS) database who own or possess illegal firearms do not face stricter legislation. Shouldn’t government officials, including the governor, be more concerned about them?

They should, but they are not.

There is a backlog of 25,000 illegal gun owners in the DOJ Armed and Banned Persons System. “As of January 1, 2022, there were 24,509 armed and prohibited persons in the APPS database and an additional 1,130 armed and prohibited persons who were in detention,” the APPS website reported.

How many licensed California CCW carriers have committed murder in the last decade?

One. He was convicted of murder and is in prison. How many California felons with illegal weapons have committed murders in the last decade? Too many to count.

The California Public Policy Institute reported a recent spike in homicides and gun crimes in the state:

California saw an alarming rise in homicides in 2020, to over 500, the biggest jump in the state’s history since records began in 1960.

There were 1,658 homicides in California in 2019; this number rose to 2,161 in 2020, representing an increase of 503 murders (or 30.3%). Of these deaths, gun homicides increased by 460 in 2020 (or 40.6%). In other words, the increase in gun deaths represents 91% of the overall jump in homicides.

The use of weapons has been prominent in other violent crimes as well. For example, aggravated robbery rose by 8.4%, and robbery with a firearm jumped by 39.2%. And although robberies decreased by 10%, the proportion of robberies with the use of firearms increased from 23.9% of all robberies to 25%.

These murders, violent crimes, and aggravated assaults were not committed by CCW permit holders.

On Wednesday, Senator Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) resurrected a crippling gun control law he failed to pass last year, a law that restricts concealed carry rights.

Senate Bill 918 by Senator Portantino, written on behalf of California’s Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta, was introduced ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in June 2022. New York Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. SB 918 introduced a new procedure for issuing concealed carry weapon licenses (CCW licenses).

Senator Anthony Portantino announces a new gun law. (Photo:

According to Senator Portantino, SB 918 sought to review the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Brun a case in which he rejected the standard of good reason for issuing a CCW license.

SB 918 was dead in early August because even Democrats knew it would not pass constitutional review. But Portantino hurried and moved it to the Assembly Appropriations with 32 pages of 185 new amendments, reports the Globe. SB 918 never made it through.

Here’s why: The AG office concludes that the existing legal requirement “that an applicant for a license to carry passengers provide evidence of ‘good moral character’ remains constitutional” and that this requirement is not limited to the disqualification of criminals, certain violent offenses and the like, Professor UCLA law Eugene Woloch wrote on about SB 918. “And in particular, the AG office is proposing to disqualify people who hold certain ideological views.”

“This strikes me as clearly unconstitutional under the First Amendment, even without the Second Amendment,” Volokh continued. “The government cannot restrict the actions of ordinary citizens, much less their actions protected by the Constitution, based on the points of view they express.”

Senate Bill 2, a new version of SB 918, aims to add additional training requirements, raise the minimum age at which guns can be purchased to 21, and add a long list of prohibited places to carry.

Senator Portantino said at a press conference that CCW permit holders do not need guns to attend sporting events, bars or go shopping. He solved it.

In the meantime, Californians prefer the Attorney General to do something about all cases of early release of violent criminals with illegal weapons.

Last April, 6 people were killed and 12 injured in a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento on the street from the State Capitol. However, one of the suspects, Smiley Martin, was released early from prison despite being sentenced to 10 years for domestic violence and grievous bodily harm. He was charged with possession of an assault rifle and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person (on the AAPS database) after the April mass shooting.

The Globe reported that Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s reaction to the shooting was that the gun was to blame, as was Gov. Gavin Newsom. Both took the opportunity to call for even stricter gun control laws. This is a reflex reaction of the left.

Breitbart reported that President Joe Biden also responded to the Sacramento shooting by pushing through gun laws already in place in the state of California: “Prohibit ghost weapons. Require background checks for all gun sales. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Repeal the immunity of arms manufacturers from liability, ”Biden said.

Breitbart explained:

California already bans ghost weapons.

California has required background checks for all gun sales since the 1990s.

California has banned “assault weapons” since the 1990s.

California bans “large capacity” magazines.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is pushing to allow private individuals to sue gun makers (the legislature passed and he signed the bill but was blocked by a federal judge).

In addition, California has red flag law, gun registration requirements, 10-day waiting period for gun purchases, “good cause” requirement for concealed carry permit, self-defense ban on campus, teacher ban on K-12 campuses to protect classrooms and a limit on the number of guns that law-abiding citizens can buy each month.

California also requires potential buyers to complete a background check before purchasing ammunition.

Under SB 2 Portantino:

“… [CCW] an applicant will be disqualified if, among other things, they are reasonably likely to be a danger to themselves, others, or society at large, as specified. This bill will add a requirement that an applicant be a registered owner of a handgun, revolver, or other concealable firearm with the Department of Justice.”

Portantino removed the requirements of good character and good cause because he was legally required to do so. So now he, the governor, and the attorney general are raising the age and training requirements, and adding in “sensitive areas” where permit holders can’t carry guns:

Sports arenas, bars, playgrounds, parks, kindergartens, schools, preschools, malls and malls, courthouses and government buildings, prisons, hospitals, airports, all the places that normal people go.

The press conference appears to precede Governor Newsom’s 2024 presidential campaign. Because, as Senator Portantino said at the start of the press conference, this is one of California’s most important bills, leading the way in “gun safety” legislation. This important CCW regime in California is meant to “ensure that our laws remain a model for the nation,” Portantino added.

When a reporter asked the governor about 24-year-old Gonzalo Carrasco Jr., a Selma police officer had just been killed by a convicted felon, and the Fresno County Sheriff said the guy who killed the cop was on probation because of AB 109 (Gov. Jerry Brown). prison rebuilding scheme), Newsom was very offended and said, “She should blame herself. I’m sick of her lectures on public safety. She needs to look in the mirror.”

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said in a press statement about the police officer’s killing that the killer “has served time in prison and is currently on probation under California law AB 109 (prison overhaul).”

John Zanoni was elected sheriff in June 2022. His predecessor was Sheriff Margaret Mims, who retired at the end of the year. The Globe isn’t sure if Newsom was referring to Sheriff Mims or Fresno County District Attorney Lisa A. Smithtkamp, ​​but clearly one of them got under Newsom’s skin.

Governor Newsom also bristled when a reporter asked him what could be done, since domestic violence is no longer a criminal offense in California. Newsom said the violence restraining order was amended last year, acknowledged that the reclassification of domestic violence was in line with Proposition 57 passed by voters, and then said, “I can’t comment on that” as he walked off the stage.

Newsom was a supporter of Proposition 57, shamelessly titled “Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act,” which now allows non-violent felons to qualify for early release, and parole boards can now only consider a prisoner’s last charge rather than his entire history due to this offer. Notably, Proposition 57 received the title to vote on from then-Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Governor Newsom enthusiastically supported the early release program, releasing thousands of criminals from California prisons. “California Gov. Gavin Newsom will release 76,000 more inmates from state prisons – at his discretion under Executive Order – in California cities surge in violent crime,” The Globe reported in May 2021. The CDCR expanded “good time credits” without any criteria. to justify the early release of dangerous prisoners.

This latest gun control bill goes against the Democrats’ leniency laws passed and signed by the governor – everyone should be concerned about legitimate gun owners and law-abiding citizens, not criminals with illegal guns.

Remember, just last week, Gov. Newsom told a CBS reporter that guns were bad while he was surrounded by his armed security team.

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