Freight transport + cycling (+ green burials): Indybay

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Saturday, 01 April 2023


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Craig Baldwin

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Adventurous and free-thinking breaks from the oil impasse are giving rise to thriving subcultures, and tonight two of them are celebrated in their respective parts of a program filled with radical ideas and experiences. Bernal Heights hero Mark Brecke takes charge of the I_Butterfly project, a Corey (Stingray Sam) Macabe-inspired campaign to save monarch butterflies by seeding their migratory routes with milkweed plants, which are essential to survive… our lovingly composted corpses! Mark 20 min. Live slideshow details the fascinating episodes of Macabee’s picnic to start national identity, biking across 2,000 miles and 15 states, from Maine to Florida, stopping at theaters — and “green” cemeteries — along way to spread the word! Own 25 min. Corey. A video of Cultured Cells Culture’s performance has been shown frequently and will be shown tonight. Our other half is rich in travel reports even The other way — by jumping on these trucks! David Murphy’s Free Ride is on display, complete with a pair of InDecline Collective shorts. ALSO: Ivy McClelland in person with clips from European hit document The Train I Ride And on our gallery walls is a preview of Bill Daniel’s upcoming ‘Mostly True’ rail magazine, as well as a select clip from his Bozo Texino. , Certainly! Benefit from $12 to $120 for I_Butterfly.

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