Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price back at work after receiving COVID-19 antibody treatment

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth’s mayor is back at work after recovering from COVID-19.

Mayor Betsy Price said she and her husband have been symptom-free for 10 days and that a new antibody treatment made a big difference.

Both tested positive about two weeks ago. The mayor said she had a cough, body aches and high fever. Her husband had much milder symptoms.

She was treated at Baylor Scott and White All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth where she received a one-time infusion of the new antibody treatment that recently arrived in Texas.

“I was diagnosed on the 17th, received the treatment on the 18th and literally it’s an incredible treatment. Within a few hours I felt a whole lot better,” she said. “It was just timing. Baylor Scott and White had received a few doses of that. It just happened my doctor said let’s just see if we can get you in that.”

Price qualified because she is over 65 and went in for the treatment within 72 hours of the start of her symptoms. Her husband did not receive the antibody treatment.

The mayor also thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers and encouraged people to keep wearing masks and social distancing.

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