Fort Worth man attacked by dogs returns home recovering

After more than a week in the hospital, Marcus Kizaza finally returned home.

On February 16, Kizazu was brutally attacked by two ferocious pit bulls within walking distance of his home.

“Now I feel better, but I also have pain in my knee and finger,” Kizaza said.

However, Kizaza jumped into a neighbor’s truck for cover not before the fangs bit off part of his nose. His neighbors later found a piece of meat under the car.

“I can’t talk much,” Kizaza said. Now she prefers to wear a mask to hide her wounds. “I just don’t want people to see it, you know?

His pain has begun to subside, but he has a long road to recovery. The third operation is scheduled for this week.

“Marcus and his family created GoFundMe and we are working to distribute it to help the family with medical bills and expenses,” said Cole McNeil. McNeil is Kizaza’s attorney. “The family does not work. They incurred many medical bills. They have expenses that they have to bear.”

In an email to NBC 5, Fort Worth police investigators said owners were issued two tickets for promiscuous dogs, but Kizaza said more needs to be done.

McNeil said the next step would be to press charges and file a civil lawsuit against those responsible.

“We want to gather all the information and make sure the right people are included,” McNeil said. “The person who owns the house, the person who rents the house, the people who live in it, the owners of the dogs.”

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