Former Oakland police chief LeRonn Armstrong says he wants to restore his reputation

Former Oakland Police Chief LeRonn Armstrong spoke in front of the city hall of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday and said that while he wants to restore his reputation, it’s also time for the department and the city to “move on.”

During a meeting at the town hall, Armstrong said he received a lot of support from the people of Auckland. Although some at the meeting called for his rehiring, Armstrong noted that it was not his decision.

“I think it’s obvious that the mayor has made a decision. I think it’s important for me at this point that my name be cleared,” he said.

Armstrong also noted his desire to continue to make changes in Oakland to varying degrees.

“My commitment, even now that I’m no longer in charge, is to continue to be in this conversation about violence in the city of Oakland,” he said.

Religious leaders and community organizations also shared their concerns about Auckland and efforts to address issues in the city during City Hall.

NBC Bay Area News reached out to Mayor Sheng Tao’s office for comment on Saturday but has yet to receive a response.

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