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In the back kitchen, a global war rages with the noisy rumble of a copper kettle on an unattended gas stove. Millions of us stand at the till to find our food stamps dwindled, leaving our families with half-full bellies as the exploiter banks roll into insolvency, promising to take us all with them.

The invisible masters of our cloudy universe are struggling to erase the numbers of uncomfortable empathy. Google makes sure every search reveals the truth verified by Langley. Their local violent champion, Google’s top attorney Halima Delaine Prado, and her “Take Back Santa Cruz” husband Manuel are forcing their city manager, Matt Huffaker, into action. These are just a few of the many AI-powered bots that have flooded our city.

Make those homeless dive into atmospheric rivers to shiver in weeks of wet clothes. Deny hundreds of homeless people access to empty garages and lock the doors of the Civic Auditorium tightly as splinters of cold water at 40 miles per hour pierced raincoats flying garbage bags to shreds.

The Prado may not have been able to tow Alicia Kuhl’s family home and my car, but they won, making hundreds of their neighbors miserable due to the severity of our floods. The next step in their campaign of pain was the eviction of Food Not Bombs from Garage 10 security and the threat of arrest at City Hall. Next was an attempt to cut off Food Not Bombs from food sources with the promise of forcing the whole group of volunteers to go to some dark patch of pavement where the public never gets past housing issues in an attempt to hide opposition to their wars and exploitation. The people we want to reach are avoiding the Coral Streets of America.

Just as Houston Mayor Taylor claims he’s trying to drive “Food Not Bombs” out of sight into a fenced-in area under the freeway, Matt Huffaker will claim we need his permission to share food with those he refused to feed and forced them to endure bad weather. sure to be killed.

But you never need permission to help a hungry person. Sharing food is always an unregulated gift of compassion. This kindness is protected by the US Constitution. There are some things the government has no say in, and the Food Not Bombs protest and eating at the city clock is one such gathering.

If they can give you permission, they can take it away. Something we experienced in San Francisco in the 90s led to a global Food Not Bombs policy against accepting or asking for permission. We have shown that the problem has never been permits, but has always been our independence and desire to change society so that no one is forced to look for food in a canteen or sleep on the street.

Consider the risk of arrest if these heartless bureaucrats try to channel our “Food Not Bombs” message into the shadow of a homeless industrial complex.

Join the Food Not Bombs at 5:00 PM on Monday, March 20, 2023 at the Nonviolence Resource Center at 612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, California.

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