Flower Mound Woman Receives Award for Changing Status Quo

The Flower Mound woman is playing a big part in the celebration of International Women’s Day from candy maker Mars.

Back in January, Mars released a limited edition of M&Ms featuring female characters. The new packaging, featuring green, brown and purple M&Ms, was part of the company’s campaign to change the status quo. It glorifies women who transform the world around them and achieve success.

As part of the campaign, the company also launched a national competition to find women doing just that in their communities. People could nominate a woman they think is changing the status quo and explain why she should be featured on M&M’s platforms and receive $10,000 to further fund her missions.

Kathy Meyer of Flower Mound is one of 20 winners announced today. Meyer co-founded She Supply, a non-profit organization whose sole mission was to deliver women’s products and lingerie to women in need.

Friends joined the effort, along with Meyer’s late husband and their two daughters. Six years later, She Supply donated over a million items to the women of North Texas.

Meyer believes the funding and exposure will strengthen the efforts of the grassroots, all-volunteer non-profit organization.

“National awareness, I think, will just be helpful in drawing people’s attention to what the problem really is. There are women; one in four teenagers find it difficult to buy groceries and stay at home. They miss a day or two of school. One in four women can’t afford to buy groceries. You have, you have all kinds of just economic problems. I think it’s just going to draw attention to areas that need a little more attention,” Meyer said.

Meyer doesn’t particularly enjoy being in the spotlight, but he stepped up to change the status quo regarding occasional poverty.

Taking action is a lesson she hopes to pass on to others.

“I don’t have a C-level title, but I saw the need and I went and did something about it, and I think, you know, your friends will rally with you. So I think really to inspire women that if you see the cause, and she needs, needs help to just not be afraid,” Meyer said.

Meyer and the other 19 winners will be featured on M&M’s social media, digitally and in stores at multiple locations across the country during Women’s History Month.

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