EF-1 tornadoes confirmed in Irving, Corsicana during severe storms on Thursday

Severe storms brought hail the size of golf balls, high winds, heavy rain and reports of tornadoes in North Texas Thursday afternoon.

The National Weather Service reports that EF-1 tornadoes hit the cities of Corsicana and Irving during severe storms.

On Friday, NWS damage crews confirmed tornadoes, first confirming an EF-1 tornado with winds up to 105-110 mph in Irving.

A second tornado was confirmed in Navarro County near the north side of Corsicanawhere the wind speed was estimated at 95 mph.

Friday night, the NWS confirmed that a third tornado, also an EF-1, hit the north side of Irving, just north of Texas 183. Winds were estimated to have peaked at 105 mph. A car dealership caught in the hurricane’s path was damaged when parts of its façade collapsed.

Displaced families in Irving

The hurricane tore the roof off two buildings in the Garden Grove apartment buildings on Shady Grove Road near Belt Line Road in Irving.

The missing roof caused rainwater to spill over and the ceilings in the bedrooms to collapse. Water-soaked clothing, furniture and carpet.

At least six units were affected and several families were displaced. NBC 5 has learned that the landlord has put some tenants in the hotel for a few days, but the families are trying to find long-term accommodation for the next few months while the apartments are being renovated.

The Red Cross also stepped in to offer financial aid and other forms of assistance.

Families spent most of the day cleaning up and salvaging what they could from the clutter.

“It’s bad and unfortunate, things that happen out of our control, but I’m glad everyone in my family is safe,” said Beui Sribounheuang, whose family is forced to leave their homes due to the hurricane. “I know material things and things in life – they can come and go. But family is important to me. Thank God my family is safe.”

He and his wife, Tick, are part of a tight-knit group of families from Laos and Thailand affected by the tornado. She said that during this difficult time, they support each other.

“Anything can happen, but we thank God that we are safe. And we hope that everyone will survive, like us. Everything outside is fine. But if your soul and your people are safe, thank God,” she said.

Charity warehouse damaged in Grande Prairie

In Grande Prairie, the humanitarian non-profit group World Vision severely damaged its warehouse. The organization helps respond to natural disasters around the world.

It’s unclear now if he was struck by the NWS-confirmed tornado, but people there say that when the lights began to flicker, the staff member immediately gathered 13 people inside and headed to the prayer room for shelter.

“As they were on their way to the prayer room, we heard the roof begin to fall apart,” said Quincy Walker, facility manager.

The group is still assessing the damage.

They believe that hundreds of pallets of items such as food, water and personal care products could be lost.

Block of fences in Garland

In Garland, straight-line winds devastated wooden fences along a block of houses near Duck Creek Park.

The NWS estimated winds in the area were up to 75 mph.

It damaged fences, knocked down trees and significantly damaged the roofs of some houses.

Fatima Zahir saw a wall of wind and rain outside her windows before she took shelter with her family.

“It sounded like a train, a train coming from one side of the house,” she said. “At that moment, the whole house began to shake. The tree was bent by the wind so hard that it touched the ground.

Zaheer’s father had several sets of garden furniture in his backyard for family gatherings – he said the storm had destroyed their fence and sucked out the furniture, scattering it all over the neighborhood.

“It’s a mess. First, gratitude comes to mind. No harm done. These are just physical things, but they still occur,” Zahir said while walking with her child on Friday morning.

Her neighbor Greg Lomax badly damaged the roof and fence. He has lived in this area for 23 years and has so far been able to dodge most of the storms.

“After two loud bangs that scared everyone in the house, we went to the toilet to hide,” he said.

As a realtor who has seen it all, he warns new tenants and homeowners to keep storms in mind while living in Texas.

“For this to happen to me, it’s a different situation,” he said. “Make sure you have good insurance. It’s not just about cheap insurance, it’s about the best insurance because that’s what you need these days.”

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