Drunken off-duty FDNY firefighter busted for vandalizing religious hut in Manhattan

A drunk off-duty city firefighter lived up to his name when he allegedly relieved himself inside a Manhattan sukkah — a hut erected for the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

Firefighter Marty P. Party kicked in a sukkah at E. 92nd St. and Second Ave. on Oct. 8, cops said. Then, they added, he urinated inside the temporary structure.

Party, 37, was arrested Friday. Police had released his photo on Nov. 8.

Firefighter Marty P. Party was public enemy No. 1 for kicking in and urinating inside a sukkah tent in Manhattan in October.

Sukkot began on Oct. 9 this year, a day after Party allegedly defiled the sukkah, the hut that Jewish people use to eat and sometimes sleep during Sukkot. The hut commemorates the time Israelites spent in the wilderness after being freed from slavery.

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force investigated the incident but determined Party had been drinking and was not motivated by bias.

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