Dripping pomegranate juice and plutonian pirouettes, Aquarius drives you crazy by stripping naked.

In anticipation of next week’s astrological events, the essence of time is distorted, making wheels, back flips and pirouettes into black holes.

The pomegranate juice dripping archetype makes its delightfully messy entrance to the Aquarian stage on March 23, 2023. Pluto. Far from the sun, he rules over everything that in the collective is considered a taboo scapegoat: sex, death and power. Money too. In a sonorous rhythm, he walks with frightening confidence. Everything about him is otherworldly, except for his chthonic appetites. Everything that links the entelechy of humanity to its carnal nature has eminent jewels on its quiet crown.

The scene of Aquarius sparkles incendiary on the black canvas of the night sky. Her melodies are futuristic and her clothes are not at all decent. As humans cross the threshold of existence in the virtual world more than 50% of the time, the essence of time is distorted as it spins, backflips, and pirouettes into black holes. Aquarius drives you crazy when she gets naked. Her nudity is deliberate, serving humanity like Godiva’s chocolate.

Neither Aquarius nor Pluto are punctual. Their dance can be expected to shatter illusions and splatter perception with irony, paradox, and the Joker’s cackle. The seriousness of Pluto is not inferior to the playful ardor of Aquarius. This chapter on the convergence of archetypes will not be without an unfortunate sadomasochistic game: some are consensual and some are not. Mister God or technology? Or, God forbid, a burdensome deception of world governments and more lies from the CDC? Now is not the time to discount the wisdom of intuition. Guts don’t lie.

The Aquarian stage loves high intellectual pursuits. Abstract and even aloof, she breathes eccentricity like oxygen. It is made of the stuff of shape-shifting showers of dimensions. Strange things are normal for her. So is the rendezvous with the eternal trickster: Mercury (aka Hermes). So what does this mean? She may have a few “truth or dare” up her sleeve and waits like a magician to pull the carpet out of Pluto’s sacred ceremony. Pluto, the king of rituals, is no stranger to the chaos of liturgies gone awry. Actually, such cacophony is his favorite element. When the floor beneath him crumbles, just look, his calmness will be comparable to sociopathic eyes.

Pluto and Persephone

Don’t let its power scare you. He is going to release Persephone from the underworld on March 20th. With flowers arranged in honor of spring, Persephone’s return will bring the nutrients and secrets that the middle world craves. The underground world of Pluto is fertile, and she spent half a year there.

Since spring is the season to welcome this strange duo of Pluto and Aquarius, there is hope for the forecast. All this hype will take place over the next twenty years. While the scene will be wacky and some of the main characters may even be creatures from hell, it could be the blood of Jesus that invites everyone home to the truth. This is done not to catechize, but to break taboos in Plutonian haute couture. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to put on an owl mask and dance under the waning moon. Owl Totem Oracle: Practice seeing through the darkness and don’t let the lies to come deceive you.

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