COVID-19 Protocols for Change for Oakland Schools and Bay Area Health Professionals

COVID-19 protocols are about to change in one East Bay school district and for healthcare workers in the Bay Area.

The Oakland Unified School District is in line with new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which also dictate the rules for healthcare professionals.

The new guidelines for OUSD students are as follows:

  • Return to face-to-face activities 6 days after a positive test
  • No test required for return
  • The mask must be worn until the 10th day.

The new OUSD school staff protocols set by Cal/OSHA are as follows:

  • Must be negative to return to campus on day 6.
  • The mask must be worn until the 10th day.

Changes for healthcare workers are related to masks and vaccines. As of April 3, masks and vaccines are no longer required for workers, patients and visitors to hospitals, doctor’s offices and dental offices.

In addition, masks and vaccines will no longer be required in prisons and homeless shelters, although individual facilities may still require masks.

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