COVID-19 Policy Worries Florida State Hospital

Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Florida continues to face political pressure over its COVID-19 treatment policies and protocols despite a recently published internal review that concluded the hospital has demonstrated better outcomes among COVID-19 patients than other hospitals .

Much of the unrest began after residents elected three “medical freedom candidates” to the hospital’s board of trustees last year. Critics have targeted the hospital following recommendations from the CDC and the National Institutes of Health that discourage the use of certain purported treatments for COVID-19, such as ivermectin. Earlier this month, hospital officials asked police to investigate at least two death threats against doctors at the Sarasota Memorial. According to hospital spokesman Kim Savage, doctors and hospital staff faced many abusive threats and emails before and after the release of the report.

Over the past few weeks, the abusive calls and emails have subsided, although the Sarasota Memorial continues to face political pressure. In accordance with New York Times, several right-wing groups scheduled a press conference ahead of the March 20 hospital board meeting to criticize the “blatant recklessness” associated with the hospital’s treatment protocols and call for further investigation.

Some clinicians at the hospital fear that constant pressure will force employees to leave and make the recruitment process more difficult.

“Quietly and slowly, this will undermine the medical staff,” said Jonathan Hoffberger, a cardiovascular surgeon at Sarasota Memorial Hospital who has been the target of some critics. once. “People are not going to put up with it. They will go somewhere else.”

The Sarasota Memorial COVID-19 Response Review was conducted by a 70-member panel and compared data, such as patient outcomes, with data from 1,300 other hospitals in Florida and across the US. once. Patients in the hospital were found to have fewer COVID-19 deaths and shorter hospital stays.

Why don’t we move on? This was announced by the chief physician of the hospital, James Fiorica. once. “These are professionals dealing with situations of life and death, and they have adapted throughout the time, every year of the pandemic,” he said. “And we confirmed in our report that their performance was outstanding.”

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