City Completes First Phases of Downtown San Diego Gaslight Boardwalk Project

The first and, as some say, the most important phase of the Gaslamp Promenade project is ahead of schedule.

Street crews installed road poles at 3 out of 11 intersections inside the planned pedestrian zone. The bollards will protect bar, restaurant and shop patrons from moving traffic and help create the eight distinctive plazas that make up the waterfront.

On St. Patrick’s Day, one of the busiest evenings, you can see in real time how the creators want the walk to be completed.

The Gaslamp Quarter Association says the waterfront will improve walkability and help make the area a destination for tourists and local families, as well as generate more tax revenue for the city.

Although this project has been talked about for a decade, the table parquet flooring that emerged during the pandemic has become a source of inspiration.

“The pandemic has kicked in and really given us the opportunity to test our theory,” said GQA chief executive Michael Trimble. “It really sped up the project by three or four years.”

The bollards may seem like a tiny step in a massive project, but on the day of the celebration of Irish Christianity,
it is a sign of hope and faith in the future. The pole project is expected to be completed in May and the city will begin using them in June to block traffic in the area.

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