The teenager injured in last weekend’s hit-and-run still in critical condition, local authorities looking for the driver that fled the scene

Fort Worth, TX – The 13-year-old Alyssa Stice who was struck by two vehicles last weekend in Euless is still in critical condition, while the police are asking for public’s help in locating one of the drivers involved in the incident who fled the scene.

According the incident report, the hit-and-run incident took place last Saturday while the teenager was trying to cross Highway 10. The incident happened just next to the Euless Police Department.

Stice’s mother said her daughter went out to clear her head after an argument she had with her parents. Stice was struck by two vehicles leaving her seriously injured and in critical condition.

One of the vehicles involved in the incident didn’t stop at all and fled the scene.

The teenager was treated at the scene and immediately transferred in hospital in very critical condition. According to the latest reports, she is still hospitalized at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth fighting for her life. The girl is currently at medically induced coma.

“You get that phone call, and it’s like, the world just stops and you don’t know what to do,” Stice’s stepfather, Robert Fisher, recalled. “It is absolutely a parent’s worst nightmare,” Fisher said.

Stice was initially struck by a pickup truck. The driver stopped his vehicle, but fled the scene after the EMS crews arrived at the scene. However, the driver later decided to turn himself in. According to the latest information by the local police department, no charges have been filed against this driver.

After the first hit, the teenager was struck for a second time by a SUV that didn’t stop at all. The police have a reason to believe that the SUV that fled the scene is Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon that is either a gray, tan, or pewter color.

At this point, the Euless Police Department didn’t release more details about the incident nor about the driver who fled the scene.

Anyone with information regarding the incident, the driver or the SUV involved in the crash is asked to call 911 or the Euless Police Department.

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