Central Texas hit by several tornadoes, at least 23 people injured, one person suffered severe injuries

Texas – At least 23 people were reported injured in Central Texas after the area was hit by severe storms and several tornadoes.

According to multiple reports, in the area between Austin and Waco 22 people reported injuries, and all of them were treated at the scene or in hospital. One person reportedly suffered serious injuries, but no additional details about his condition were immediately available.

Bell County Judge David Blackburn said he believes that a tornado that started in Williamson County area traveled for seven miles and it destroyed dozens of homes and buildings on its way.

After door-to-door checks, he believes everyone is accounted for.

“I want to say thanks to all those other assisting counties and state agencies that have responded, but it’s literally going in by foot, going around the structures, trying to find the property owner if we can. And in multiple instances, we’ve been able to find the property owners and they can help us ascertain whether or not they have anybody missing or they’re looking for somebody or something,” Bell County Judge David Blackburn said.

In addition, several tornadoes were reported in the city of Florence and in Jarrell, but as of now, no injuries were reported. However, the officials confirmed at least one road was closed after power lines collapsed on it and several structures were damaged.

Once more details about the situation are available, we will update the story.

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