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August Strindberg’s “Pariah” directed by Jack Urbanski

University of Dallas Drama Department presents Fall 2022 Senior Studio “Pariah” by August Strindberg, translated by Edwin Bjorkman and directed by Jack Urbanski. Performances begin Thursday, Dec. 1.

“Pariah” is a suspenseful philosophical drama by August Strindberg, directed by Jack Urbanski. Eoin McKnight is playing the role of Mr. X., an archaeologist devoted to his work and the line of logical ethics that his profession requires. Braden Barber is playing Mr. Y., a mysterious, taciturn traveler who wants to make a name for himself in the scientific community to cover up his past.

“Pariah” examines and challenges the ideals of criminal justice, and seeks to answer not only if a person can be above the law, but who and when. Through threats of theft, blackmail and calling the authorities, two men battle to justify their dark secrets and prove themselves better than the other.

The show is designed and produced by a remarkable team of talented students, with Chloe Shearer as the stage manager, Will Jamen as the assistant stage manager, Jay Singh as the set designer, Alice Forget as the costume designer, Maylis Quesnel as the sound designer and Bianca Aridjis-Olivos as the lighting designer.

World Premiere of Retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

This fall, the University of Dallas Drama Department invites you to the premiere of “Monstrous Birth,” a gothic tragedy written and directed by Lynley Glickler. 

Ben Thomas takes the stage as the obsessive scientist Victor Frankenstein. Joining him are Rose Urbanski as Ida Freund and Grace Burleigh as his colleague Henry Clerval. Kate Pioch is Elizabeth Lavenza, Victor’s childhood friend, and Lucy Gallagher is Clara Knox, his first love. Mary Faith Ulery is Justine Moritz, Clara and Elizabeth’s Romantic and Radical companion. Rounding out the cast are Benjie Bledsoe as Frankenstein’s mentor Dr. Robert Knox, Joseph Fournier as Frankenstein’s volatile father Edmund, and Sarah Rondeau as Mary, his mother. Camila Rodriguez rounds out the cast in various roles.

Inspired by Mary Shelley’s original novel, “Monstrous Birth” opens in Frankenstein’s lab, where his protege, Ida Freund, stumbles upon his greatest project: the secret to creation. As Ida is drawn deeper into Frankenstein’s world, she begins to ask — who really is Victor Frankenstein? Through flashbacks, we see his life through the eyes of the women in it and the destruction they suffer for his actions. Ida finally uncovers the truth too late, leaving us to question the consequences of man appropriating the role of Creator, not only from God but from women. 

The design team comprises Rose Wingert on costumes, David Huner on sets, Gabi Nagle on props, Sienna Abbott on lights and Hannah Kneen on sound. Stage Managing the production is the incomparable Phoebe Jones, assisted by Olive Smith. 

Performances are from Dec. 1-3 at 8 p.m. at the Drama Building at the University of Dallas. A Matinee show will take place on Dec. 3. “Monstrous Birth” performs after a showing of “Pariah” by August Strindberg, directed by Jack Urbanski.

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