Camden High School Drama Club presents ‘Little Women’ as fall show

This Autumn, Camden High School Drama Club will be performing the “Little Women.”

It tells the story of the four March sisters on the edge of adulthood, while struggling to find themselves through the traumas of the American Civil War. Love and joy, heartache and sickness, death and finally hope for the future are all driving forces throughout the play.

Performances will be 7 p.m. Friday Nov. 4, and 2 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5.

This adaptation was written by Kate Hamill, a local playwright that performs at Syracuse Stage. Along with Little Women, Kate has refashioned many other classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Vanity Fair, and more. This local dramatist has received awards such as “Playwright of the Year,” and was awarded “Best Play of the Year” by the Minnesota Post. She has touched the lives of many, especially in the show, Little Women. Hamill strives to show what it was like for women to live in the original writer, Louisa May Alcott’s, society.

This play will take you on a journey as four sisters struggle to find their identity in this close-knit but large family. The oldest sister, Meg (Isabella Wing), reaches the first strike of adulthood, in search of true love and ultimately motherhood. The second oldest sister, Jo (Marley Hilliker), wants to step out of what’s expected of a woman in those times. Beth (Ryan Brown) is just trying to keep her family together. Finally, the last of the March girls, Amy (Hailey Hicks), is drawn to the extravagance of wealth. As the sisters make their way, they meet many lifetime friends such as Theodore “Laurie” Laurence (Owen Carr) , Mr. Brooks (Dylan Keyes), , and Mr. Laurence (Jacob LeBruex).

Their mother, Marmee (Annaka Stauring) nurtures them while their father, Robert (Leonardo Diehl), is away at war. Their Aunt March (Alyssa Vera) and their maid, Hannah (Sydney Matthews), make it top priority to keep the girls in order.

Other characters include a doctor (Trevor Young), Mr.Dashwood (Chad Teft), Mrs. Mingott (Hannah Smith) and even a “talking” parrot (Trevor Young).

Choreographers include Amanda Hughes and Meaghan McDonell. The ballroom dance group and party-goers are Sydney Matthews, Mackenzie Brockway, Leo Diehl, Evelyn Hotaling, Astro Johnson, Dylan Keyes, Tyler McLeod, Myah Ouderkirk, Hannah Smith, Chad Teft, Alyssa Vera, Shylynn Witzigman, Trevor Young, Jacob LaBreux and Garet Rocker.

The faculty and staff involved in the show are Stephanie Heath (director) Amanda Hughes (co-director) Jaclyn Stevens (producer) and Kim Dean (business manager).

The students running things behind the scenes are tech director Gianni Libratore, student director and assistant, Sydney Matthews and Hannah Smith and sound designer, Alexia Nichols. The Drama Club costume crew is led by Alyssa Vera. The stage crew, run by stage manager, Annaka Stauring, includes Jade Hollingsworth, Evelyn Hotaling, Tyler McLeod, Abby Miller, Alex Mitchell, Mady Redden, Cal Seckner, Sophia Seitz, Dalton Smith, Daisy Strebel, Kayla Swayze, Jozette Thorn, and Emily Vanderworken. will publish information provided by schools on their fall shows throughout the season.

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