Beyoncé fans opt for European tickets as US ‘Renaissance’ tour prices skyrocket

Last month, American superstar Beyoncé announced the dates for her 2023 Renaissance World Tour. Immediately, Beyuley began hacking into his savings account — and his 401(k) — to get tickets to the highly anticipated show.

Fans around the world have taken to the internet looking for tickets for the Queen Bey tour, and the extremely high ticket prices have once again sparked a heated debate among ticket buyers. But some fans may have no choice but to swallow their pride and pay a fortune if they want to see her show.

While some concertgoers have already purchased tickets for the North American tour, some fans have opted for the cheaper option by flying to Europe instead.

Fans on TikTok allow others to participate in the ingenious process of buying tickets abroad, allowing consumers to save a lot.

Mercedes Ariel, a social media content creator, is familiar with this savings strategy. In 2018, Ariel got floor seats for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “On the Run II Tour” in Paris for just $92 each. In her hometown of Dallas, the current price for the same floor space was as much as $900 higher.

“Beyoncé will sweat on me,” she said. “That’s how close I am.”

During the tour, Ariel paid less for her international flight, hotel stay, and floor tickets in Stockholm than her friends in Dallas paid for the same show.

“It is very important to me that people know that living within their means does not mean that your lifestyle cannot be fabulous or that it cannot have highlights that will forever be remembered,” she said. “For me, the savings is priceless.”

Other fans also agreed that buying tickets for European stops is a more economical choice than tickets in their home cities.

Kaileen Schnell looked at tickets for a seat on the Renaissance tour in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and they cost over $800.

“When I looked in London it was 167 pounds. [about $200]and the flight cost about $660,” Schnelle said. “I thought it was really the same cost.”

“If you’re going to spend $800, why don’t you milk them as much as possible?”

Fans chose the European route not only to save coins, but also to find ways to bypass the Ticketmaster sale process and avoid unnecessary fees.

Ticketmaster tried to prevent potential network outages (such as Taylor Swift’s November Eras Tour sale) when demand for Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour exceeded available tickets by more than 800%.

The ticketing site took a new approach to dividing the tour cities into three groups with shifted check-in and pre-sale dates, but the goal of minimizing site congestion was still disastrous for real fans.

“I don’t think what Ticketmaster has done in the US since the pandemic is sustainable for their business because they upset a lot of people,” Schnelle said.

Despite advice on how to save money on tour tickets, some fans still chose the North American route, even buying thousands of dollars worth of tickets.

“If you still have a chance of getting tickets, you need to be prepared to spend exactly that amount,” says one fan.

“We didn’t have a choice. But I have to say that I have been preparing for this moment ever since the Renaissance album came out.

For those who are still deciding which route to take, here is some information about the upcoming tour:

The first leg will start in Stockholm with the opening of the show on May 10th and continue across Europe until the show on June 27th in Warsaw.

The North American leg of the tour will begin on July 8 in Toronto before moving to the US, where she will continue until September 27 with a final stop in New Orleans. Stops on the US tour will also include Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, as well as Beyoncé’s hometown of Houston.

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