Because it doesn’t happen often…

The Assembly Rules Committee recently gave permission for Assembly Bill 269 Mark Berman (D-Menlo Park) – Public Health: COVID 19 Testing and Distribution Locations – Eliminate 30-Day Seal Requirement. This type of failure rarely happens, except when urgent circumstances require it.

Article IV of the California Constitution, section 8(a) specifies that in ordinary sessions no bill other than a budget bill may be heard or passed on it by committee or any house until the 31st day after the bill is introduced, unless the house passes with three-fourths of the members agreed to this demand by roll call recorded in the journal. Thus, while the State Constitution generally requires a bill to be “printed” and not passed within 30 days, there is a procedure to waive this requirement.

In addition, Joint Rule 55 establishes a “30-day waiting period”. JR 55 states that this rule may be suspended at the same time as the suspension of the Section 8 requirement of Article IV of the State Constitution. AB 269 contains an urgency clause and is due by the end of this month.

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