Ascension Providence Hospital Stops Obstetric Services

Ascension Providence Hospital in Southfield, MI Stops Obstetric Services at the End of February, ABC Affiliate WXYZ reported February 6.

More than 100 women are likely to be affected by the move, according to Celeste Kraft, Gentle Spirit Doulas, who works closely with midwives and patients.

The hospital, which is part of the Ascension Hospital in St. Louis, will continue to provide obstetric services.

“Moms and babies will continue to have access to the highest levels of infant and obstetric care, including maternal and fetal and specialized neonatal care, a level 3 neonatal intensive care unit, 24-hour obstetric emergency care and more,” said Ascension Providence. . in a statement shared with Becker. “Births are performed by our highly trained obstetricians, who also specialize in minimally invasive childbirth.”

The hospital also said that families who wish to use a certified nurse midwife in private practice can include them in their birth experience if the midwife has the necessary privileges to provide such services in Ascension Providence. In addition, certified nurse midwives in private practice, with appropriate privileges, may work at Ascension Michigan hospitals that provide maternity services.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kraft created a petition on

The petition reads, in part: “The obstetric care model has a proven track record of improving outcomes. Just a few of the benefits include a reduction in preterm birth, a reduction in the risk of having a caesarean section, and a reduction in infant mortality. all at a lower cost to families and insurance companies.”

First of all, she thinks about maternal mortality, which is 3-4 times higher for black women.

“More than 50% of Southfield residents are black. [eliminate] something that has been proven to improve maternal and infant outcomes makes no sense,” Ms Kraft said, according to WXYZ.

Ms Kraft plans to hold a rally in Ascension Providence on February 12, the news station reported.

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