As a result of the drop in Covid-19 cases in the area, Plano and Denton ISD drop mask mandates, remain optional

As a result of the decreasing trend in new Covid-19 cases in the areas, Plano and Denton ISD end up their mask mandates in schools for both students and school staff.

On Tuesday night, Plano ISD’s board of trustees voted not to extend the mask mandate in the school district.

Starting next week, masks are optional. Students and staff can still wear a mask in the classroom if they want to but they don’t have to.

Plano ISD reports only about 160 of its nearly 50,000 students are currently sick with COVID-19. There are also 16 cases among staff.

That’s way down from earlier this month when there were nearly 500 active cases.

“I personally think we have the worst behind us, unless delta is going to have a second big spike. If you look at India and their statistics, you look at the UK and their statistics, there’s not some big second spike. There are other variants out there but they aren’t affecting our communities right now,” said Cody Weaver, a Plano ISD trustee.

Denton ISD also got rid of its mask mandate earlier this week.

The district said masks are strongly recommended but not required.

The superintendent sent out a letter to parents saying there’s been a decline in infections over the past several weeks across all Denton ISD campuses.

These changes follow new guidance from the Texas Education Agency sent down late last week. The TEA said schools cannot require masks since the governor put a ban on mask mandates in public schools.

The United States Department of Education is now investigating whether that guidance violates federal law by keeping students with disabilities from safely attending school.

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