Another major Texas based company to mandate almost 100,000 of its employees to get the vaccine

Texas – Since the vaccine mandate was announced by the president Biden few weeks ago, many unvaccinated people started to fear about their jobs while the companies started preparing to enforce the vaccine mandate.

One of the major fears that big companies have is the potential workers shortage in case decent number of the affected workers decide to leave their job instead of getting the vaccine.

However, this is not a real issue for AT&T who announce on Wednesday that the company will mandate almost 100,000 frontline workers to get the vaccine.

AT&T is one of the biggest employers in the country and no one can predict how this will end up for them since the market is still recovering and many other companies are facing staffing issues.

The telecom company said Wednesday that its employees in the Communications Workers of America union will be required to be fully vaccinated by Feb. 1, “unless they get an approved job accommodation.”

Reportedly, the Communications Workers of America represents more than 90,000 AT&T workers. The union is the largest of its kind and had more than 230,000 employees late January with the number constantly rising.

Previously, the company mandated all the managers to get the shot no later than October 11 in a decision from August. According to them, now they are extending the same mandate for other categories of workers.

The company said that it has nothing to do with the government’s mandate and what differs their mandate, is the thing that those who will decide not to get the shot won’t be offered to be tested on a weekly basis.

The federal mandate, an effort to push more Americans to get vaccinated, will cover as many as 100 million people. About 77% of U.S. adults have had at least one vaccine dose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CWA workers at AT&T can request an exemption for religious or medical reasons, and employees who are not vaccinated by Feb. 1 get a 60-day unpaid “reconsideration period” to change their minds, said union spokesperson Beth Allen.

The latest policy over the mask mandate will mandate those workers who are the most exposed to the risk of getting infected including employees who work in stores, customers’ homes and other worksites. However, the mandate will also apply for workers who are temporarily working from home. AT&T’s union employees include workers at cellphone stores, call centers and technicians.

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