American Airlines offers triple pay to pilots who dropped flight during the weekend overnight glitch in the scheduling system

Few days ago, we reported about the glitch in the scheduling system American Airlines had last weekend, allowing pilots to drop flights during the month of July, causing a lot of problems for the company.

The glitch, that reportedly lasted for several hours, allowed American Airlines aviators to drop flights for the whole month at a time when the airline is expected to be fully booked since we are close to the peak of the summer season.

Later, American Airlines brought back 80% of the flights. According to the most recent information from the Allied Pilots Association, the company didn’t have a captain, first officer, or both for more than 12,000 flights.

The company initially offered double pay for aviators whose dropped trips the airline reinstated, but most of the pilots refused to re-accept the flights, leaving the company in a pretty uncomfortable position.

On Wednesday, American Airlines pilots and its pilots’ union agreed to triple pay for aviators who were able to drop thousands of July flights. In addition, pilots will be paid double for the peak holidays.

The problem with the dropped flights occurred just when hundreds of flights were being cancelled every day due to worker shortages, a period in which the summer travel demand was surging.

American said in a statement: “We’re pleased to have reached an agreement with the APA and appreciate their partnership in coming to a resolution quickly to take care of our pilots, our team and our customers.”

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