American Airlines Introduces Daily Gift Status Including Premium Tier Status

American Airlines Introduces Daily Gift Status Including Premium Tier Status

American Airlines is sharing a new program they are introducing called Improve with miles.

Once a member earns 40,000 Loyalty Points (Status Qualifying Points) within a year, they will be eligible for new Experimental Redemptions that increase in value as the number of points earned increases.

When members reach certain loyalty point thresholds, they can redeem miles for personalized benefits such as AAdvantage Executive Platinum® status for the day or a status gift for the day for another AAdvantage® member.

As the program evolves, American will continue to add new Enhance with Miles features. Access to the Upgrade with Miles options is subject to the Member’s Loyalty Points threshold.

They will be available in the member’s account and they will notify members of eligibility via email. In this initial example, they stated two things,

  • Update your own status for the day
  • Give someone a status for a day

When you reach each status (for example, Gold at 40,000 Loyalty Points, Platinum at 75,000 Loyalty Points, etc.), you unlock the ability to use miles for that level of status, and you can also use it for Executive Platinum status for one day. You can redeem twice per unlocked level.

You need to apply for day status at least 7 days in advance, and if the member who received the status has already paid for things like seat allocation or checked baggage, the money will not be refunded. Status also cannot be used for privileges with partner airlines, and status-based Admirals Club membership discounts do not apply.

I have questions for an American about the prices of these statuses for daily redemptions and how they work in regards to getting the benefits of the day with the status in advance (for example, privileges for elite seats and upgrades to the day of travel). . (Update: upgrades will be removed based on the elite travel window on the day someone gains that gifted status.)

Ultimately though I argued that airlines should offer the ability to gift status to friends and family in a single trip. It’s fun here to do that, as well as allowing you to upgrade your status for the trip, including becoming a temporary Executive Platinum.

Loyalty isn’t just about points or benefits. It’s not transactional. It’s about building relationships based on customer care And building trust. This is difficult to do en masse, even with elite perks, because this grouping can range from tens of thousands (for the highest elite) to seven digits (for the lowest level).

The program systematizes how guests are taken care of. Benefits are part of the activity What. When formulating a set of benefits, it is very important to understand what matters most to customers. This is often how a travel brand takes care of the people the member cares about the most.

The reason my wife has an authorized user card on my Amex Platinum card is because if she is traveling without me, she will have access to Centurion and Delta Sky Clubs (if Delta is flying) and it also gives her hotel and car rental status. . I want her rides to be as smooth as possible when I can’t be around to ensure that.

At the same time, the fastest way to lose a client is to treat people important to him badly. This not only hurts the loyal member more than one instance of bad self-treatment, but also embarrasses them for their choice of loyalty (“I can’t believe you’re loyal ____, they’re such a bad company”) in front of someone whose opinion really important to them.

Air Canada has done a great job with their “status pass”. Hyatt allows globalists to transfer their status in one stay when exchanging points for someone else. It’s great to see Americans building this into the AAdvantage program.

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