AB 380: Establishment of an anti-trafficking unit

Assembly Bill 380 Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula (D-Fresno) was nominated to create an anti-trafficking unit. AB 380 will add Section 107.1 of the Labor Code.

The bill provides for the creation of a Human Trafficking Unit (LTU) within the Labor Enforcement Division (DLSE). LTU will be required to coordinate with the Labor Enforcement Task Force, the Criminal Investigation Division, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Civil Rights to combat human trafficking.

The LTU will receive and be required to investigate complaints of alleged human trafficking and take steps to prevent human trafficking. LTU will also be required to refer cases to the appropriate state department or attorney general for civil or criminal action. The Occupational Safety and Health Department will be required to notify the LTU when evidence of human trafficking is discovered following an investigation of businesses under its jurisdiction.

In addition, the LTU will be required to submit an annual report to the Legislative Assembly that includes specific data and information, as well as a discussion of the main issues related to dealing with human trafficking complaints, ongoing efforts to address these issues, and options to improve the state’s claims process.

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