A man wearing a fake bulletproof vest has been arrested on the Lower East Side on charges of assaulting a pedestrian in New York.

It wouldn’t stop the bullet, but it helped stop the cops.

A man wearing fake body armor was arrested Friday in Lower Manhattan after what a witness described as a road rage incident on Norfolk Street near Rivington Street on the Lower East Side.

Brooklyn resident John Heyer, 26, was driving a green Land Rover north of Norfolk when he got into an argument with a pedestrian who complained about the loud music he was playing, police said.

On Friday, NYPD officers arrested a man in Lower Manhattan who was seen wearing a bulletproof vest and allegedly threatening a pedestrian with a gun.  According to the police, the body armor was a fake, but the gun was not found.

“He drove too close to the guy who was crossing the road,” said a worker at a nearby apartment building, who requested anonymity.

According to the builder, the driver of the Land Rover rolled down the window. “Boy [pedestrian] he said [Hayer] pointed a gun at him and said: “Go on!”, ”said the worker.

According to the worker, the pedestrian called 911. “He was in shock,” the witness said. “Who expects someone to point a gun at them when they cross the street?”

Hyer drove off and parked the Land Rover a few blocks away on Stanton Street, near Orchard Street, police said.

Officers began searching for Hyer, who they said was described by the 911 caller as armed and wearing a bulletproof vest.

When the cops found the Land Rover parked on Orchard Street, they were waiting there for Hyer’s return.

NYPD officers arrested a man Friday on charges of endangering a pedestrian on the Lower East Side.  According to the police, his body armor was a fake.

Around 1:10 p.m., Hyer returned to his car and was arrested by NYPD officers on charges of making threats, police said.

Police said Hyer did not have a weapon, and the fake body armor was probably some sort of fashion statement.

Hyer has three previous arrests, according to a police source. His last arrest, in February, was in Brooklyn on strangulation charges, the source and public records said.

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