$900 Offers For Chase Ink Cards Still Available!

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$900 deals for Chase Ink cards

$900 Offers For Chase Ink Cards Still Available!

Chase recently completed a five-month raffle for the top two offers for Ink Business Cash and Ink Business Unlimited cards. As you probably already know, with these offers, you can earn $900 (or 90,000 Ultimate Rewards points) by spending $6,000 or more within the first three months.

But even though these offers are no longer there, there is a way to find them in the Chase app. It may not be long, so take advantage of these offers now and check out an even better way to claim to receive a total bonus of 115,000 points.

90K offer on the Chase app

After logging into your Chase account, follow these steps:

  1. Find “Open Account” and select “Credit Cards”.
  2. Scroll down past the suggestions shown and click “Take the Test”.
  3. Select “Business/Cashback/No Annual Fee” and “View results”.
  4. Here you will see offers for $900 for Chase Ink Cash/Unlimited.

The best option

While the 90,000 points bonus is the best we’ve seen, you can still achieve more with referrals right now.

The inviter can receive a bonus of 40,000 points. And the link through referrals shows a new bonus of 75,000 points. Add them up and you get a total bonus of 115,000 points. This is a much better overall bonus if you have a friend or family member who can recommend you.


The 90,000 bonus for Chase Ink Cash and Unlimited cards is the best ever offered, and it’s one of the best no-commission credit card bonuses. The window is closing, so if you don’t have referral options, apply now to claim this bonus, which is easily worth around $1,500.

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